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Marshmallows - Salted Caramel & Toffee (Gluten Free)

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Salted Caramel & Toffee Marshmallow (Gluten Free)

Savoury & Smooth, Our best selling Marshmallow to date!

(each re -sealable package contains 12to 14 pieces)

Does a swirl of Salted Caramel & Toffee goodness sound like your cup of tea? You’re in luck! You asked & we delivered; Salted caramel & Toffee is in right now, so we made  it official by putting in our marshmallows! Oh-so-smooth, these sweet  treats are almost too good to put into words!

Our Manitoba-made marshmallows are handmade to order in small  batches for an extra personal touch. Please allow 3 business days for us  to process your order. For the best results, we recommend keeping your  marshmallows somewhere cool and dry in an airtight container and  consuming them within 4-6 months.

Salted Caramel & Toffee Marshmallow Ingredients:
Gelatin, sugar, glucose, salt, water, caramel chocolate, Vanilla bean extracts, SKOR TM Toffee bits, baking spray, palm oils cornflour, coloring.

May Contain: Nuts, Milk products and soy.

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