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Marshmallows, MINI - Pure Vanilla-Bean

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Elevate your baking experience with our real Vanilla-Bean mini Marshmallows. 

Amazing for baking, topping your favourite beverages or simply snacking on. You wont find this quality of marshmallow in any store! Our marshmallows are always fresh & fluffy. Made in small batch, hand made and hand cut.  They may cost a bit more than the generic store bought brands with artificial vanilla flavor and preservatives but once you try them you wont ever go back. The most common comments we get are "I don't like marshmallows" but i love yours. This is because we don't use preservatives or fake flavourings in our 💯 % pure Vanilla-Bean Marshmallows. 

We take pride in our brand and all of our products to make sure you're served the best there is to offer! All our Pure Vanilla-Bean Marshmallows are shelf stable for up to 6 months. We achieve this from a process of curing our product to remove access moisture. This product comes in a 500gram clear bag. These marshmallows are a great fat free low calorie snack! Try them today!

The Marshmallow Factory's marshmallows are made in Canada, handcrafted and hand cut in small, made to order batches. Best when consumed within 4-6 Months, we recommend storing our marshmallows somewhere cool and dry in an airtight container.

Ingredients: Water, sugar, glucose syrup, gelatin (from pork), icing sugar, Corn starch, salt, Mexican Vanilla-Beans, canola baking spray.

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