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Marshmallows, MINI - Confetti

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Introducing our sensational Confetti Mini Marshmallows - 

a burst of vibrant colors and flavors in every bite! There like no other. Elevate your baking experience with these delightful treats that are anything but ordinary. Boasting all natural, real flavours they make the ones you've tried in the past seem tasteless. 

Our Confetti Mini Marshmallows come in four tantalizing flavors: juicy Strawberry, zesty Lime, tangy Lemon, and refreshing Orange. Each 500 Gram bag is a carnival of taste sensations, ensuring a sweet surprise of real and natural flavours in every handful. Unlike those bland store-bought multi-colored miniatures, our marshmallows are a true explosion of flavor. Whether you're creating Grandmas famous Peanut butter squares, magical cupcakes, enchanting hot cocoa, or crafting colorful cereal treats, our Confetti Mini Marshmallows are the perfect ingredient to transform your recipes into a culinary masterpiece.Experience the joy of baking with these multicolored, multiflavored wonders today! Let your creativity run wild as you sprinkle, mix, and savor the delightful confetti of flavors. Elevate your baking game now with our Confetti Mini Marshmallows and taste the difference for yourself!

The Marshmallow Factory's marshmallows are made in Canada, handcrafted and hand cut in small, made to order batches. Best when consumed within 4-6 Months, we recommend storing our marshmallows somewhere cool and dry in an airtight container.

Ingredients: Glucose, sugar, water, salt, gelatin, corn starch, powdered sugar vanilla beans, strawberry-lemon-lime-orange baking emulsion. All natural flavour, red-green-yellow & orange food colouring. 

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