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Marshmallows - Lemon Meringue

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Searching for something classic & zesty? You found it!  Lemon fever is taking over Canada and we’re totally on board! Our bright yellow Lemon flavoured Meringue marshmallows have an amazing taste factor! They actually taste just like lemon meringue pie, only in marshmallow form –  you won’t believe your taste buds!

Handmade to order in Canada, our marshmallows are made especially for you! 

Store: To keep your marshmallows at their best, we recommend storing  them somewhere cool and dry in an airtight container and consuming them  within 4-6 months.

Ingredients: Marshmallow: sugar, glucose water, (halal beef)  gelatine, salt, cornflour, vanilla essence, lemon flavouring, colouring  (102).

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