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Marshmallows - Cookies 'N' Cream

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Our Generation has turned this flavour into a soon to be classic!

Vanilla bean cookies and cream flavoured marshmallow packed with Chocolate cookie crumble topped with white and dark chocolate chips. Our customers say we have the best cookies N cream confection ever made! Take a look at the reviews for yourself!

(fresh seal package contains 10 to 12 bite sized pieces)

Store: Our marshmallows are best when stored in an airtight container in a cool, dry place and consumed within 4-6 Months. Our marshmallows are made to order in small batches, handcrafted and  hand cut by our Canadian team.

Ingredients: sugar, water, salt, gelatin, glucose, chocolate flavouring, colouring (155), (133) Milk  chocolate: Milk Chocolate: Sugar, vegetable fat, milk solids cocoa  powder, emulsifiers (soya Lecithin 476, 492) flavour, cocoa solids 7%  milk solids 21%. biscuits: wheat flour (52%) (wheat flour,  calcium, iron, niacin, thiamine), palm oil, sugar, wholemeal wheat flour  (12%), partially inverted sugar syrup, raising agents (sodium  bicarbonate), salt, acidity regulator (malic acid)

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