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Luxury Reusable Shopping Bag

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Luxury Reusable Shopping Bags are made of 100% rPET
(Post Consumer Plastic Bottles) with zero waste
Extra Large, Heavy Duty, Lightweight, Water Resistant, rPET Shopping Bags
 can hold up to 55LB of groceries &
replace 3 conventional plastic shopping bags.
 Designed with long handles, allowing you to carry them by hand
or hang them on your shoulder comfortably.
Bag Size - 4 x 19.5 x 16 inches.
Lightweight - 54g
3 Way Storage Options
A Small Pouch is connected to each bag
2 Snaps to roll the Bag up tightly
 1 Zipper Pouch Included with each Bag
Their Folding features allow you to easily fold them 3 ways,
 and store them in your Backpack, Pocket, Car or Purse.
Each Bag is Made From 10 Plastic Bottles
Each Bag can reduce up to 500 plastic bags per year
Reusable Shopping Bags are 100% Machine Washable
& Water Resistant.
Toss the Shopping Bags right into the Washing Machine.
 You will Reuse these Lightweight, Water Resistant Shopping Bags for many years.
  Portable, Reusable Shopping Bags are Environment Safe
& Eco Friendly.
Great for people who are looking for a Zero Waste gift.
Together we can All Reduce our Carbon Footprint and Plastic Waste
 by owning IREUSE2 Reusable Shopping Bags.
 Reuse and Enjoy while you are Helping to Save Our Planet!