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Bagels, 6-pack

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Want some joy in your life? Have a bagel! At Hudson Bagels,  joy is what you will experience when tasting our hand-rolled, fresh, upbeat bagel creations. As leaders in the bagel game, our goal is to combine classic “bagel things” with an upbeat flair, inspired by unique flavour combinations, cheeky names, and wildly local inspirations, creating a true Winnipeg-Style Bagel Experience. Locally owned; Hudson Bagels is the little bagel shop, with BIG heart behind everything we do.


Our bagels are all rolled by hand, boiled and baked, inspired by exciting flavour combinations and paired with our specialty cream cheese spreads for maximum enjoyment.

Forging a new identity as Winnipeg Style Bagel, at Hudson we mash up  elements of the Montreal and New York Bagel to create a hybrid of the best, a uniquely Winnipeg Style Bagel served full with joy, warmth, and soul, just like the people that work here, and the community we serve!