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Creamed Honey

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100% Pure unpasteurized local Manitoba honey. If a softer, spreadable honey is your preference, unpasteurized creamed canola blossom honey is the perfect choice.

Due to the natural sugar content of honey it will crystallize over time. Creaming honey is a natural way of controlling how finely honey naturally crystallizes. Finer crystals create smother and softer honey. Our honey filters through a mesh strainer to remove visible inclusions, such as bee parts and hive debris. This is done at a low temperature so the honey does not pasteurized. Due to filtering the honey remains fresh and long lasting. Stirring over several days ensures fine crystallization throughout. The finished product is a very spreadable, non-gritty honey. Use our delicious honey as a healthier alternative, anywhere you might need a sweetener.

Finally,the temperature of storage determines the softness of the honey. Warmer storage 
softens the honey, while cooler storage causes it to firm up.

We are proud to offer the highest quality, pure Manitoba honey products!