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Loose Leaf Tea 35 g

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Get Rea-TEA, Wittypeg Blend (Black)

This black tea blend will help get you up in the morning! With notes of blueberries and maple, it will have you thinking of a big stack of pancakes with every sip.

Flavor profile: Blueberry and maple


Nigh-TEA Night, Wittypeg Blend (Rooibos)

Want a tea before bed? This rooibos tea blend is the tea for you! With notes of apple pie and vanilla, you won’t need that pie and ice cream!

Flavor profile: Apple pie and vanilla


Wellness Aloe-ha (Green)

Kiwi and green tea blended with aloe vera to create a delicious boost to your immune system.

Aloe is ultra-high in vitamins A and C, and offers hydrating and anti-inflammatory benefits; blended with naturally antioxidant-rich and detoxifying green tea for a super-healthy and delicious tea.

Green tea, aloe vera bits, kiwi bits, aloe vera powder, natural flavour.

Benefits: Antioxidant, antibacterial, improves skin, lowers blood sugar levels.

Flavour profile: Red fruit orange.


Spicy Rose (Chai)

Unique from our other Chai Teas, Delicate jasmine flowers and aromatic rose petals give this spicy tea a surprisingly refreshing taste.

Black tea, cardamom, cinnamon bits, fennel, pepper kernels, star anise bits, ginger bits, orange peel, coriander, cloves, rose petals*, jasmine flowers.

* From organic cultivation

Flavour Profile: Spicy rose


Happy Tummy (Pu’erh)

Star Anise is a spicy, liquorice-like spice typically used in Asian cuisine. It has many benefits, including anti-inflammatory and digestive properties.

Pu'erh tea, star anise cut, star anise.

Benefits: Anti-inflammatory, helps digestion and nausea.

Flavour profile: Aromatic star anise.


Memory Crank (Oolong)

A lovely Oolong tea with a hint of ginseng. It brews a light, clear infusion and is mild tasting.

20-25% oxidation

Benefits: Improves brain function, helps with depression and anxiety.

Flavour profile: Mild tart, aromatic.


Chocolate Mint (Rooibos)

Chocolate and peppermint leaves mixed with smooth rooibos tea for a delicious after-dinner chocolate mint tea; reminiscent of After Eight chocolates and other popular mint chocolate candies.

Rooibos tea, chocolate pieces, peppermint leaves, natural flavour.

Allergy Alert: Contains dairy products

Flavour profile: After Eight Chocolates


Berry Power (Iced Tea)

Don't let the name fool you, this tea is sweet, smooth and delicious! With a medley of berries and citrus fruits, this tea both appeals to both the sweet and tangy flavour lovers. An explosion of fresh fruit and high in vitamin C!

Apple bits, dragon fruit bits, sea buckthorn berries, chokeberries, kiwi bits, pineapple bits, papaya bits, cranberry bits, blueberries, natural flavour.

Benefits: Improves dry eyes, contains probiotics, promotes healthy skin.

Flavor profile: Sweet strawberry, exotic fruits.