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Marshmallows - Pure Vanilla Bean

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The Marshmallow Factory are not your average marshmallows – we're a taste of pure luxury, crafted with the utmost care and commitment to quality.

What sets our marshmallows apart is our unwavering dedication to using only the finest, ethically sourced, and sustainable pure Mexican vanilla beans. Each marshmallow is a testament to the rich, complex flavors of this remarkable ingredient.

The result? A marshmallow experience like no other. Delicate and aromatic, our Pure Mexican Vanilla Bean Marshmallows offer a symphony of vanilla notes that dance on your palate, delivering a taste that's both sophisticated and utterly delightful.

They believe that every bite should be an exquisite moment of indulgence. Whether you're savoring them on their own, topping your favorite hot cocoa, creating gourmet s'mores or elevating your baking creations, their marshmallows elevate every occasion to a level of pure decadence.

When you choose the Marshmallow Factory's Pure Mexican Vanilla Bean Marshmallows, you're not just choosing a treat – you're choosing a commitment to quality, sustainability, and a taste that's truly exceptional.

Experience the essence of pure Mexican vanilla in every bite. Elevate your marshmallow experience with the Marshmallow Factory's Pure Mexican Vanilla Bean Marshmallows. Order yours today and discover the true meaning of luxury in every mouthwatering morsel.


Handmade to order in Canada, our marshmallows are made especially for you! 

Store: To keep your marshmallows at their best, we recommend storing  them somewhere cool and dry in an airtight container and consuming them  within 4-6 months.

Ingredients: Water, sugar, glucose syrup,gelatin (from pork), icing sugar, Corn starch, salt, Mexican Vanilla-Beans, canola baking spray 

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