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Decision Dice Set

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Each set come with a “rule” dice, and a “type” dice. The RULE dice determines which rule must be followed for the meal (example: “HOME COOKED” means you must make the meal at home). The TYPE dice determines what type of food you must eat (example: “ON A BUN” means you must eat something on a bun: a burger, hotdog, sub, etc.).

These are just our suggestions on how to use the dice, there is no wrong way. Try our way or make up your own way, just have fun with them. We hope these help you make mealtime decisions, enjoy!


SET #1


RULE DICE                                       TYPE DICE

Apps & Dessert                               Poultry

Change It Up                                   Seafood

Favourites                                        Starts With “S”

No Electronics                                  Local Only

No Talk Topic                                    On A Bun

Share Something                              Pizza


SET #2


RULE DICE                                        TYPE DICE

My Choice                                        Italian

Your Choice                                      Mexican

Take Out                                           Japanese

Delivery                                            Chinese

Dine In                                              Indian

Home Cooked                                  Other Nation