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Cocoa Butter Bath Melts

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These to me are the most luxurious bath product you can treat yourself to!!

Cocoa butter bath melts are the most moisturizing bath product with cocoa butter and sweet almond oils that slowly melt around you! The added botanicals of lavender, rose petals and calendula give you that spa experience! Also it’s vegan.

Simply drop one square or even 1/2 of a square (for a regular sized tub) into warm water just before you get in. Slip into the tub and the bath melt will slowly dissolve with the warm water. Scoop up the floating oils and massage into your skin for extra softness.

NOTE: This container is larger than the average clam shell containers you usually see. Each pocket in the container holds approximately 1 oz. You will get up to 12 baths out of one container.

⚠️ CAUTION ⚠️ The oils in tub may make it slippery when you exit.